They say, that your system is only as strong as its weakest component. Well, I fully agree with this thesis and it reflected my selection of equipment from the very beginning. I mean cameras, lenses, lights, workstation and finally monitors, and the BenQ SW271 model, which I use every day, fits perfectly into this strategy. Recently, courtesy of the store, I received its successor – BenQ SW271C for testing. Are you curious about the results?


Let’s move on to the specification of the SW271C model, the key elements of which are:

  • 10 bit IPS panel with 99% AdobeRGB gamut coverage,
  • 27″ display of resolution 3840×2160 4K UHD,
  • HDR10/HLG with 24/25/30P format support,
  • 100% of Rec. 709 / sRGB gamut coverage,
  • 90% of DCI-P3 gamut coverage,
  • Delta E <= 2 (average),
  • Hardware calibration 16bit 3D LUT,
  • Hood included ,
  • USB-C with Thunderbolt 3 – new generation connection with image / data transfer and charging up to 60W,
  • Certificates: Calman Verified & Pantone Validated,
  • 3 years of quarantee.

As you may notice “on paper”, but also in reality, this monitor has all the features needed for advanced postproduction, not only photographic, but also video! We have at our disposal, among others resolution 3840×2160 pixels on 27 inches, coverage of the most important gamuts, very high accuracy of color reproduction (delta E) or the ability to hardware calibrate, save three profiles and quickly switch between them.


Well, we have briefly listed the specification, which in many aspects is similar to its predecessor. So what makes them different?

For me personally, from the videographer’s point of view, the biggest difference is the panel illumination uniformity, which was probably the weakest point of SW271. Meanwhile, in case of the SW271C, we are finally at the level of two other leading brands in the industry, as confirmed by tests performed with a calibrator. However, something for something – here is another difference – quite large frames appeared around the display, which probably not many people liked. But if technologically it is impossible to do otherwise, I’m all for it!

Another aspect definitely worth emphasizing is the possibility of hardware calibration with the software not exclusively provided by the manufacturer (Palette Master Element), but also by other suppliers. I mean the solutions of CalMAN and LightSpace, which set standards in the film industry. This is very important from the postproduction point of view and is reflected, for example, in case of calibration by specialized service providers or calibration of the monitor as a reference in DaVinci Resolve.

In addition, although I use a classic workstation myself, many people use portable devices and for them another difference will be important – the possibility of simultaneous image / data transfer and charging (60W) via the USB-C connection!

Among other important new elements, it is also worth highlighting the HDR10 / HLG functions with support for 24/25 / 30p film materials with native cadence, compatibility with SDI conversion or an improved Hotkey Puck G2 switch.


I have to admit that I really enjoyed using the SW271C model, although the greatest positive difference can probably be noticed by the people, who had no experience with 4K resolution and a 27″ display so far, especially with such a great accuracy of color reproduction. It is a real feast for the eye, and at the same time a very powerful working tool for a professional. How does it compare to its predecessor? I would say that this is not a revolution, but a specific evolution, especially in the context of the uniformity of the display, but not only.

I had the pleasure to test BenQ SW271C for one month, and then I received an invitation to take part in a video recording, in which, being a guest of Radek Witan from the store, I could share my impressions. I strongly encourage you to watch this video, in which there are many more details about the monitor itself, as well as the impression of how it fits into my workflow of the video creator and photographer.

If you are interested in buying it – I am providing a link to the store, of which I have been a customer many times before, and about which I have the most positive opinion. In addition, I hear that there is some promotion planned for this monitor, it’s worth checking out next weekend! 😉

* The post and the video were created in cooperation with the BenQ brand and, while the opinions I contained were fully original.

PS. It’s definitely easier on the other side of the camera!