After purchasing a new gear, do you read the instruction carefully, or throw it to the garbage? Well, I rather belong to the first group. I always cared about understanding certain processes and technical issues never used to rise any concerns, but curiosity. In addition, I was lucky meeting on my professional path real proffesionalists, who wanted to share their knowledge and experience. So, finally an idea was born to start a blog full of tutorials, reviews, interviews and other staff, which should be interesting for filmmakers. Just for instance, do you know what is the difference between hardware and software calibrations? Feel free to check this and other posts!

Poradnik DaVinci Resolve 4

DaVinci Resolve quick tips #4

It's time for another post with DaVinci Resolve tips, including how to easily remove unused clips from Media Pool!

Zbliżenie na pokrętło ostrości Tilta Nucleus Nano 2

Tilta Nucleus Nano II follow focus review

Is the new Tilta Nucleus Nano II follow focus set just a cosmetic change or a completely new quality?

Mężczyzna w czarnej koszuli trzymający w rękach ColorCheckery Passport Video i Photo

Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Video

Check out why the Calibrite ColorChecker (Passport) Video color guide is an indispensable tool on every film set!

Poradnik DaVinci Resolve 3

DaVinci Resolve quick tips #3

Version 18.1 of DaVinci Resolve was released, version for iPad, so I envite you for the third portion of "Quick Tip"!

Poradnik DaVinci Resolve 2

DaVinci Resolve quick tips #2

As it's been some time since the first entry with DaVinci Resolve tips, it's high time to publish the second part. So I invite you to read!

Kalibracja systemowa (profilowanie) za pomocą oprogramowania Calibrite

Software calibration of any monitor

Almost any display or monitor can be calibrated (profiled), in addition having a calibrator combined with a little knowledge, you can do by yourself!

Piotr Werner i Aureliusz Marszałek w studio w trakcie transmisji online

Live streams production

Attention; please be quite on set, we are going on the air! Have you ever been thinking, how can live streams production looks like?

Twarz modelki Oli w ujęciu czarno-białym

What do I owe to photography

In this blogpost I share my thoughts about what I owe to photography as a filmmaker, and why the role of photography in films is so big.

Poradnik DaVinci Resolve 1

DaVinci Resolve quick tips #1

I started a series of so-called "quick tips" about DaVinci Resolve. Hope you find them interesting, I invite you to read part 1.

Monitor BenQ SW271C na fioletowym tle

BenQ SW271C monitor review

I use BenQ SW271 monitor on a daily basis, but now I had an opportunity to test its successor - SW271C. Are you curious about the results?

Macierz dyskowa Synology NAS DS920+ oraz wzorzec kolorów X-Rite

Synology NAS in the service of videographer

Is it worth to invest into NAS file server? Learn my experience with DS920+ model after 3 months of usage!

NVIDIA Studio (vs. Game Ready)

NVIDIA Studio (vs. Game Ready)

What is the difference between NVIDIA Studio anf Game Ready and can you use both? How to update graphical card drivers in an easy way?

Zimowa kadr drogi, rzeki i gór w ujęciu S-Log i Rec-709

S-Log workflow practical aspects

A little knowledge, effective tools and some experience can change your S-Log workflow into reall yeffective one!

Konsola Loupedeck Live na biurku

Loupedeck Live with DaVinci Resolve

Since some time I am using Loupedeck Live console supported by the set of icons for DaVinci Resolve. What is my experience?

Kolorymetr na ekranie monitora w trakcie kalibracji

Monitor calibration: software or hardware?

What is the monitor calibration process? What is the difference between software and hardware calibration? A lot of important knowledge not only for professionals!

Tworzenie panoramy 360 z plików RAW

Creating spherical panorama from RAW files

Practical tutorial about creating and editing spherical panorama from RAW files using Lightroom, ICE and Photoshop software.

Mikser muzyczny z ekranem podglądowym

Soundstripe x

How to find the proper music and sound to your video project? Use Soundstripe and thanks to the cooperation with gain also a special discount!

Kobieta i mężczyzna przy kamerze oraz logotyp DaVinci Resolve

Effective workflow in DaVinci Resolve

Few words about DaVinci Resolve software and video postproduction workflow.

Piotr Werner siedzący na kanapie i zachęcający do kursu

Piotr Werner ‘Photoshop actions + retouch’

Would you like to learn professional photo retouching? Check the photoshop course made by remarkable photographer Piotr Werner!

Konstrukcja stalowa na tle pięknego nieba z delikatnymi chmurkami

Property photo documentation

Can the steel construction be an interesting object of photography? This is the quick session from the air and the ground during investment supervision.