DaVinci Resolve is a brilliant video editing software, in which you can conduct the whole postproduction process, starting from importing the files, through arranging them on the timeline, compositing and adding graphic effects, correction of sound and color and ending up on exporting the final project. It has a basic version offering most of the functions, which is totally free. Whereas in the studio version, well, sky is the limit and… maybe your hardware processing capabilities too. It is really worth to try it on your own!


The beginnings are always difficult and the knowledge mostly comes from YouTube tutorials. And yes, you can find there many reliable ones, unfortunately even more is focused only on gathering new subscribers. I can fully recommend materials published on the official Blackmagic Design channel (available both here and in the software Help tab). If however video editing is more than just a hobby, on a certain stage it is really worth the current knowledge to verify, regularize and develop by joining the group training organized by one of the Certified Training Centers, or by individual trainings.


During individual trainings, depending on preferences, either the general introduction programm is applied, or individual one focused on some certain areas more deeply. Also for practising there is an option of using Blackmagic Design training files, or own, previously sent by the student. Finally, one of the results of this training might be preparation to the Davinci Resolve End User certification exam, which I passed for versions 15 & 16 (since version 17 I became a Certified Trainer in the field of Introduction to DaVinci Resolve, Color Grading and Fusion Effects).

The offer is aimed for the beginners and medium advanced users:

  • 60 minute long lessons are online,
  • price of the first introductory lesson is 30 Eur/USD,
  • price of each another lesson is 50 Eur/USD,
  • however, you can purchase a bundle of 5 lessons for 45 Eur/USD for a single lesson,
  • or even a bundle of 10 lessons for 40 Eur/USD for a single lesson.

If you have questions or would like to make an appointment, you can contact me any time!