During the pandemic period all the events we could previously participate in person, were available online only. And although we all hope, that the worse is now gone, many companies or institutions have noticed the hidden potential of such a form of access. For instance, you can reach the viewers, who due to the travel and/or accomodation costs normally would not participate. And this opportunity is more frequently used resulting that the number of live streams, even despite of the lifting of the previous limitations, is still growing. So, what can you do to distinguish yourself in this crowd?  


The answer is obvious, it is the value and the quality of the content. And if the first one is only up to the sender, the training, presentation or other event simply must be interesting, Kaktus.studio can take care the second one with pleasure. How different you experience the sound recorded by the professional wireless microphones together with the nicely lit picture, sourced from the few camera angles and mixed with the additional materials coming from PC?!    

Live stream includes the usage of:

  • at least two cameras (Sony A7SIII and Sony A7IV, possibility of renting another ones) on video tripods with the operator/s,
  • sets of lights with softboxes,
  • Rode and Sennheiser microphones with the wireless transmitters,
  • Atem Mini Extreme mixer (with options of: connecting up to 8 sources of view, recording of the stream, animations between views – so called Supersource, adding graphic elements like lower thirds, comments, etc.),
  • Full screen viewing monitor for programme hosts.

You can find more details on the blog, including preproduction, production and postproduction process. 


Below there is a short version of one of the events we produced for Centrum Innowacyjnych Technologii INNOAGH, whereas on YouTube channel you can also watch the recordings of the “W świetle inspiracji” series, of which Kaktus.studio is co-organizer.