This post will be a bit more personal and significantly less technical than the others. Well, when I founded I realized, that I am finally doing what I love and that is honestly true. Each day spent on shooting and taking pictures was bringing me great fun, each workshop new knowledge, and each completed project extra experience. Today I can confidently say that I can handle constant and flash light, both in the studio and outdoors, I have worked with models, as well as children during school sessions. I know post-production techniques such as frequency separation, dodge and burn and many others that I used in my work. Up to a point, it seemed to me that I could continue to develop both as a photographer and a filmmaker. But in the end, I figured out that you need to focus on something to get to the next, higher level. And here the choice was easy for me, because deep down in my heart I was always much more drawn to the world of film. It aroused my fascination since I was a child, maybe due to more means of expression, such as camera movement or sound.


Nevertheless, I feel that I owe a lot to photography, especially as a cameraman. “Photographic” thinking, allowing you to compose frames in this and no other way, is a great asset. Numerous workshops, especially by Piotr Werner, also taught me to think about light, about colors and to consciously use these values. The so-called DP (Director of Photography), is the second person on the set right after the director, and the Oscars for photography are among the most prestigious. The role of photography in the film is evidenced by recent titles such as “Dune”, “The Tragedy of Macbeth” or “West Side Story”, and the names of such people as Roger Deakins or Janusz Kamiński should be familiar to all fans of the cinematography.


I have already mentioned Piotr, who was my photo mentor from the beginning, and now a friend and person with whom I share joint projects. Piotr is a winner of many prestigious awards and, above all, the author of fascinating photos, so I encourage you to visit his website and, of course, use his services.


And below a dozen of my photos.