Hi! My name is Marek Frankiewicz. When I founded Kaktus.studio I realized, that I finally do what I love! I have started meeting new people, visiting interesting places and researching previously unknown subjects. Simultaneously I was accompanied by the constant drive for self development, achieved first by film school classes and later by many workshops, which resulted, among other things, in obtaining a DaVinci Resolve Certified Trainer title. I have also learned a lot from my own experience, gathered during numeorus projects. However I realize, that constant searching for new knowledge and inspiration are essential for reaching more and more ambitious goals. And so every day, no matter if with a camera or a drone controller in hands, alone or with my crew, during shooting, color grading, live streaming or training I am always trying to evoke positive emotions in customers and viewers. Kaktus.studio is passion and adventure for me, openness for new projects and finally joy from every positive opinion!


In the offer there are film productions, such as commercials, reportages from events, training, corporate and employer branding films and other short forms for social media, as well as color grading services, complex live streams, DaVinci Resolve trainings and drone services. More details, including portfolio can be found on individual subpages.


Although the footage is recorded in outdoor spaces, the entire postproduction stage takes place already in own studio. There, of course, apart from knowledge and experience, appropriate hardware and software are required, without which it is difficult to achieve specific results. So a workstation with adequate computing power is absolutely essential. Another very important element is, or rather are monitors. Here the choice fell on the BenQ brand. The basic one is the SW271 model, which is a 27-inch 4K matrix with 99% coverage of the Adobe RGB palette and hardware calibration. Interestingly, when working with video material, it is connected using a special Blackmagic Design DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K card and calibrated as a reference monitor for full-screen preview. The second is the PD2700U, also a 27-inch 4K matrix with 100% coverage of the SRGB palette. Finally, the third PD2500Q is a 25-inch 2K matrix, also with 100% coverage of the SRGB palette. All are regularly calibrated with the X-Rite i1Display Pro, so you can have full control of the image while you work and no nasty surprises when you’re done. The next element is the Presonus Eris 4.5 monitors – i.e. loudspeakers that allow for accurate sound post-production. Work efficiency is also supported by the Wacom Intuos Pro M graphic tablet, the Loupedeck Live console and, above all, the Blackmagic Design Micro Panel.

Hardware is one thing, but all the “magic” happens mainly thanks to the software for advanced film postproduction DaVinci Resolve Studio from the aforementioned Blackmagic Design. It is worth mentioning that many Oscar-winning productions were at least subjected to color correction using it. Subsequent workshops and the experience gained allowed me to pass the exams and obtain the titles of Certified End User in version 15 and 16, and then Certified Trainer from version 17 (Introduction to DaVinci Resolve, Color Grading and Special Effects in Fusion).

The studio is also equipped with a fiber optic connection, so fast receiving and sending large amounts of files is not a problem.

Studio postprodukcji - biurko, trzy monitory, monitory odsłuchowe, Micro Panel Blackmagic Design, tablet graficzny


They say, that the world is devided between these, who already take care of the data backup, and these, who certainly will. How does it look by Kaktus.studio? The cameras enable recording on two high quality cards simultainuosly, so this stage seems to be reasonably covered. Then the files are copied to the local PC disc, as well as on Synology DS920+ file server, which offers a number of security functions, including snaphots replication and cloud synchronization. Your files will really be safe!


“… Everything went professionally, on time and at a reasonable cost. I recommend!” – this is a quote from one of the opinions shared by the client and I must admit that it is extremely satisfying, because it coincides with the principles that I follow when developing the studio. I try to raise the level of professionalism driven by my own ambitions through continuous training, further investments and the right selection of associates. Whereas reliability and responsibility are values ​​that should be obvious for every self-respecting company … Finally money? When the budget allows, I work in a team, but there are also projects carried out alone, I try to approach each topic individually and flexibly! Sounds reasonable?

I kindly encourage you the learn other opinions on facebook and google. Within the satisfied customers group there are, among the others, MAN Trucks, TÜV NORD Polska, Krakowska Szkoła Biznesu UEK, Krakowskie Centrum Innowacyjnych Technologii INNOAGH, Polska Izba Konstrukcji Stalowych, Powiat Wielicki or Staco Polska. So, look through blogposts, check social media, but most of all I kindly envite you to contact and cooperate with Kaktus.studio!